Team Hartley

Winners Circle

The Winner’s Circle does not always have roses and fireworks. Often times staying on pattern and getting a score during a show can be just as satisfying as Winning the Class.

Rhythm, Balance, and Patience Video
By Megan Campbell

The Hartley Team is so excited for the 2017 show season to start. Robert and Stacy Jo are continuing to fine tune each riders program to help them reach for the stars through Balance, Rhythm and Patience!

Also, part of the process is defining what "WINNING" is to each Team Member? Being a Winner can be defined in so many ways.

Team Hartley is defining it for themselves. Whether they win the Class or go off pattern they walk out of the show pen with an attitude of a Winner. This is a life skill they can take with them as they graduate high school, become an adult, or find success in life as an adult.


The term blooper was popularized in the 1950’s in a series of record albums entitled “Pardon My Blooper”, in which the definition of a blooper is thus given by the record series’ narrator: “Unintended indiscretions before microphone and camera.”

Often times the Bloopers are revealed at the end of a movie or during the credits. Usually deleted or deemed a mistake, these humorous moments in time should have their place.

You mean I am supposed to stop with the other end.

I’m not the cow. You are the cow!

Yep, I can stand on one foot.

Pondering my thought. Singular!